Advantage Urinal Systems.

I’m Larry Garlock, the owner/manager of Advantage Urinal Systems. I’m also the inventor and patent holder of our products.

If a “Solution” Creates More Problems – is it a Solution?
Years ago a friend stayed with my family in our home. Through the night he needed to void his bladder two or three times and he needed my help. I would need to get up each time to empty his urinal.

I had to work early in the morning and soon found that I was overly tired from the interrupted sleep. I began to consider conventional options such as bed pads, indwelling catheters, and of course, the external taped on catheter.

Having worked in a hospital, I knew that any of these options would cause problems such as a bladder infection and loss of bladder memory (the urge and ability to void).

The Problem With External Catheters

External catheters cause bladder memory loss and lead to skin break down. They are attached by placing one piece of flexible tape around the penis with the sticky side up. Then a condom is positioned and another piece of tape with the sticky side down is wrapped around it. Not only does this cause the previously mentioned issues, but could ALSO result in these problems:

  • The tape too is loose and it falls off, resulting in a wet bed
  • The tape is too tight, resulting in swelling, skin cuts, pain and infection
  • The condom twists and breaks, resulting in:
    • Wet bed
    • Skin excoriation and break-down
    • Infection and ulcers
  • Bladder memory loss.
  • Loss of dignity and independence.

A Better Option?

I realized a new option was required, one that be non invasive and eliminate the need for my friend to wake me up during the night and yet still meet his needs.

I considered adult briefs, sheet protectors, or chucks but knew my friend still had bladder memory and we wanted to maintain that.

I considered a larger container but in his weakened condition, the size and weight would be difficult to manage, plus it would get heavier with each use through the night.

Whatever I came up with needed to:

  • Reduce wet beds
  • Self empty
  • Be ultra lightweight
  • Use multiple times a night
  • Eliminate night-falls en route to the bathroom
  • Provide uninterrupted sleep for the patient and caregiver
  • Be non-invasive
  • Prevent bladder memory loss
  • Prevent bladder infections
  • Prevent excoriated skin
  • Reduce odor
  • Be easy to clean
  • Help maintain independence and dignity

​These features were important for both my friend and myself. It was a tall order, but after a lot of thought, frustration, study and many sleepless nights, necessity became the mother of invention once more. An idea began to bloom. A light turned on.

The Advantage Urinal System Is Born
The prototype was crude. It worked for my friend and I, just not very well.

Over time, improvements were gradually made. Finally the design evolved to a point where it was ready to mass-produce. The Advantage Urinal Systems “Standard Male” was born.

How The System Works
Each system features a high-quality polyethylene urinal. Comfort models have what feels like a foam ring – yet do not absorb fluid, and help to prevent potentially serious infections.​

From the urinal, fluid flows quickly through a heavy-duty tube to the large capacity reservoir bag. The bag won’t need emptying until morning even if used many times throughout the night.

Fluid remains in the bag thanks to an anti-reflux valve. The system will not spill, even if it is dropped.

The bag may be emptied easily by freeing the drain valve from the reservoir bag and sliding it to the left. The system may then be cleaned simply by rinsing with warm water.

The Family Grows

The “Comfort Male” and the “Comfort Female” came later, followed by the Close-Fit Male. The optional Privacy Tote was added to the line-up to help ensure privacy.

Advantage Urinal Systems are, in fact, the most all-inclusive and finest systems of their kind in the world. Today there are multiple patents – trademarks and FDA approval.

Advantage Systems are sold to a wide variety of individuals and distributed by the two largest distributors in the country. Our Systems are currently being offered on over 100 websites, including Amazon.

Take a moment and read a few of the many testimonials from people just like you and I. Watch our informative videos.

It’s my sincere hope that our products can help you and your loved ones.

Thank you,


Larry Garlock, inventor of the Advantage system and the owner/manager of Advantage Urinal Systems.