Thousands of Advantage Systems are already being used in hospitals, rehab centers and care facilities. Our systems offer a safer alternative to patients and care givers alike. Patients need less assistance, so care givers can be used more efficiently.

If you’d like to use our systems in your facilities – please contact us. We’ll send you one of our units as a free sample. We are confident you’ll find the ingenuity impressive and the quality, top shelf. Most facilities qualify for bulk price discounting.

Read this letter we received from Frank Redondo, former Chief of Prosthetics for Salt Lake City VA Center:

For many years it was my pleasure and honor to serve our veterans as the Chief of Prosthetics at the Salt Lake City VA Medical Center. In this capacity I saw many products and devices that were issued to the Veterans to make their lives more enriched. One product that stands out in my mind is one that has been used for more than 10 years.

The Advantage Urinal System is a simple and yet amazing device. It is the perfect alternative to an internal catheter or an external catheter, both of which can cause infections. Please consider the well thought out patented product for your veterans. We always issued the black Privacy (Tote) as well.

This product allows a person to use the system over and over through the night and it is always empty. It is easy to go back to sleep after use. It prevents falls and reduces care giver burn out. Another great value is to maintain bladder memory. It makes his or her life at home much easier and pleasurable for everyone.

​They will send you a free system to try. Thank you so much for your time, and best of luck in your important work.


Frank Redondo